Meet the Leadership

Shailesh Bhobe
President and Chief Executive Officer

Shailesh Bhobe is President and Chief Executive Officer of HealthNautica. He founded the company in February of 2000. Currently, his vision and direction for the company focuses on improving the interactions between Physicians and Hospitals.

Prior to founding HealthNautica, Mr. Bhobe was employed by Siemens, AT&T and Lucent heading up their Systems Automation, Telecommunication Software and Switching Technologies respectively.

Mr. Bhobe holds a BS Degree in Electrical Engineering from IIT Bombay and an MS in Computer Science from the University of Delaware.

Peter J. Karahalios
Chief Operating Officer

Peter Karahalios is the Chief Operating Officer of HealthNautica. He acquired a stake in the company in May, 2004 and facilitated HealthNautica's recapitalization in December, 2011. Currently, Mr. Karahalios manages the day to day operation at HealthNautica.

Prior to joining HealthNautica, Mr. Karahalios co-founded Nebo Systems, Inc. in October of 1990. There he managed all Sales, Marketing, Client Development, M&A, HR, Accounting and Statistical Consulting functions. Early in his career, Mr. Karahalios provided bio-statistical consulting services to Abbott Laboratories and DuPont.

Mr. Karahalios holds a BA in Chemistry from Emory University and an MS in Bio-Statistics from the University of Illinois.