Patient Payment Estimator

HealthNautica's Patient Payment Estimator (PPE) provides a quick and secure overview of estimated patient financial responsibility. The solutoin also improves point-of-service collection, patient satisfaction, and employee productivity.

Healthnautica PPE is more than just estimation. The tool provides hospital users with the ability to retrieve and collect all previous outstanding balances/accounts; all estimates are stored in the database and easily retrievable.

The integration of PPE with HealthNautica's Insurance Eligibility Verification tool can provide co-pay, co-insurance, and remaining deductible information to insured patients.

For Self-Pay patients, self-pay and prompt pay discounts are automatically applied and calculated with the PPE tool. In addition, an automated evaluation of patient financial assistance qualifications is performed and results are presented to the user within seconds. Fully customizable patient responsibility statements can then be printed and given to the patient.

Salient Features and Key Benefits:

  • Manage patient expectations
  • Collect outstanding balances from previous visits/accounts
  • Collect upfront obligations - Co-pays, Co-insurance, Deductibles
  • Verify financial assistance qualifications in real-time with our Self-Pay Manager