HealthNautica Revolutionizes Surgery Scheduling in Florida through eORders with SCA Health

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Surgery Scheduling through eORders

Enhancing Efficiency in Patient Care at SCA Health Trails Edge Surgery Center and Colonial Outpatient Surgery Center Florida, USA – HealthNautica is proud to announce its expansion into the Florida healthcare market, bringing cutting-edge eORders technology to two prestigious surgical centers: SCA Health Trails Edge Surgery Center and SCA Health Colonial Outpatient Surgery Center.

Elevating Patient Care with eORders

The introduction of HealthNautica’s eORders platform represents a significant leap forward in streamlining perioperative services for over 30 physicians and the two SCA Health facilities. By transitioning to eORders, SCA Health is simplifying the surgical ordering process, resulting in smoother and more efficient patient care.

Key Benefits of eORders Implementation

The implementation of eORders brings a host of advantages for SCA Health:

  • Reduced Administrative Burden: eORders significantly diminishes paperwork, phone calls, administrative overhead, and minimizes the risks associated with manual order processing.
  • Efficient Communication: Seamless communication between surgeons’ offices and ASC (Ambulatory Surgery Center) schedulers ensures prompt and accurate scheduling of new cases.
  • Real-time Tracking: Healthcare providers can now monitor the progress of orders in real-time, enhancing transparency and accountability.

About SCA Health

SCA Health is a distinguished name in the healthcare industry, dedicated to providing exceptional patient care. Their collaboration with HealthNautica underscores their commitment to leading the charge in healthcare technology, ultimately enhancing the patient experience.
For more information about SCA Health and their services, please visit the SCA Health Website.

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