Surgical Scheduling Software

HealthNautica’s eORders™, software is a comprehensive, easy-to-use, cloud solution for managing the entire perioperative process and surgical scheduling without changing your scheduling system.  It begins with the physician’s office filling out an online surgery scheduling or procedure (e.g. GI, Cardiac) request.

Gone are the days of illegible, incomplete, inaccurate faxes sent back and forth between the physician’s office and the facility’s scheduling department. The cumbersome and error prone faxing process is replaced by an electronic form that is configured to each facility’s exact specifications and reacts to the user’s input thereby assisting the physician’s office in getting it right the first time.

All orders are legible, complete, screened for CMS Medical Necessity, incorporate SCIP, VTE, SSI and ACS NSQIP measures, verified for insurance eligibility, precertified and satisfy edits by CMS, commercial payers and the facility. Our solution ensures efficient surgery center scheduling and block time management while streamlining processes such as prior authorization. 

What Physicians are saying
about eORders™

Following are the main benefits emphasized by surgeons and their offices:

What Facilities are saying
about eORders™

HealthNautica’s Surgical Scheduling Software, eORders™ solves the most common problems associated with faxes and paper. All orders are legible, complete, screened for prior authorization and medical Necessity, satisfy CMS as well as facility-specific edits, and, above all, are secure. Order changes are highlighted and readily visible to the schedulers – both facility and physician side. Orders are always available, relieving the patient of the need to carry the paper prescription. eORders™ for surgeries and procedures promotes Patient Safety by ensuring compliance with SCIP Core Measures and helping to capture and report Perioperative Care Measures such as:

eORders’™ incorporation of ACS NSQIP measures helps reduce preventable complications, improve surgical outcomes and drives down costs.

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