Patient Access Solutions


HealthNautica’s Alloy Patient Access solutions optimize the Hospital Revenue Cycle by utilizing an operational intelligence platform that contains multiple powerful tools. Alloy integrates with your HIS through HL7, X12 and other protocols that empower hospitals to maximize reimbursements while minimizing and preventing a wide range of costly errors.

Alloy allows you to measure the effectiveness of various registration and collection methods to provide vital feedback to your staff and patients. This enables users to analyze and forecast more accurately, manage expectations and maximize revenue while minimizing errors, reimbursement delays and denials.

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Insurance Eligibility

Alloy empowers users to effortlessly verify patient insurance eligibility and benefits across all payers through a single, powerful platform. Whether you need real-time verification, batch processing, or standalone insurance verification, Alloy offers solution for every situation and work flow.

Solving a Crucial Problem: Insurance Payment Delays and Denials

Did you know that over 20% of insurance payment delays and denials can be attributed to preventable
eligibility verification errors? Alloy is here to transform the process.

What Sets HealthNautica Apart:

Registration Quality Manager

Our Registration Performance Manager is your solution for streamlining the Revenue Cycle and prevent denials and payment delays. Equipped with a custom set of event-based rules and alerts, ensuring seamless assignment of accounts to the right users.

Unlock the Power of Work List Filters:

Leverage advanced HL7 integration to create custom registrations and real-time updates for work queues. Say goodbye to manual tasks, and welcome automation to boost your efficiency.

Automated Data Validation:

Rest assured, all patient and guarantor addresses are automatically verified and validated. Additionally, our fully integrated insurance eligibility feature significantly reduces return mail.

Patient Payment Estimator

HealthNautica's Patient Payment Estimator (PPE) is your key to a quick, secure, and precise overview of a patient's estimated financial responsibility. Not only does it streamline point-of-service collections, but it also elevates patient satisfaction and boosts employee productivity. PPE allows hospital users to effortlessly retrieve and collect all previous outstanding balances, with all estimates stored for easy access.

Unlock the Power of PPE and Insurance Eligibility Verification:

When you integrate PPE with HealthNautica's Insurance Eligibility Verification tool, you gain access to co-pay, co-insurance, and remaining deductible information for insured patients. Self-pay and prompt pay discounts are automatically applied and calculated, simplifying the payment process. Additionally, PPE performs an automated evaluation of patient financial assistance qualifications, providing instant results for your team. You can then generate fully customizable patient responsibility statements to be printed and provided to the patient.

Your Path to Full Compliance:

At HealthNautica, we don’t just streamline your operations; we also ensure that your organization is fully compliant with Medicare Price Transparency requirements. We provide an online portal where patients can easily obtain accurate cost estimations.

Annual Machine-Readable File (MRF):

In addition to the online portal, we create your yearly Machine-Readable File (MRF) to meet regulatory requirements seamlessly.

Experience Compliance and Efficiency in One Solution:

Our commitment is to help you navigate complex regulations while improving patient experience.
HealthNautica is your partner in achieving both compliance and efficiency.

Key Benefits and Features:

Elevate the financial experience for both your organization and your patients with HealthNautica's Patient Payment Estimator. Experience increased efficiency and patient satisfaction like never before.

Insurance Discovery and
Financial Assistance Manager

Our Insurance discovery process is designed to automate Medicare, Medicaid, and commercial insurance verification for all self-pay registered patients. It doesn’t stop there – all self-pay accounts undergo a meticulous evaluation for financial assistance, aligning with hospital policy, and are screened for Medicaid qualification in accordance with state regulations.

Enhancing the Patient Financial Experience:

Our unique approach classifies true self-pay patients based on their propensity to pay. This information, combined with estimated monthly income and household size, empowers Hospital users with maximum monthly payment recommendations.

The Power of the Medicaid and Financial Assistance Wizard: